Fiberglass boats (PRFV). Canoes, sports boats, VIP passenger transport boats and/or floating pontoon nautical charters

Decorative Line

We make custom trophies for sport fishing events and/or related to marine activities


Specialists in Overhaulin of all types of boats. Gelcoat and polyurethane painting service, painting customization, Antifolium application

We are a company in the nautical sector, dedicated to the repair and manufacture of boats in Fiberglass (PRFV)


  • Sports boats and VIP passenger transportation and/or nautical charter of 28, 29, 32, 40 and 42 feet
  • Canoes
  • Floating pontoons

Repair and painting

  • Overhauling Specialists
  • Gelcoat and Polyurethane paint (hull, floor, deck and well)
  • Custom paint (hull, jetski and engines)
  • Antifolium Application

Accessories & Mounts

  • Outboard and inboard motors
  • Accessories and hardware
  • Nautical sound
  • Electric system

Decorative line

  • Manufacture of fiberglass fish (FVRP)
  • Custom trophies

About us

We are a company born in the year 2016 for the nautical sector, specialized in repairs and manufacture of fiberglass boats (GRP) with the use of excellent quality inputs and specialized and qualified personnel with a high degree of experience in polyester applications. reinforced.

It is our greatest commitment to project ourselves in the market of navigation with quality and the optimization of our products to be able to capture international markets with the slogan of TOTAL QUALITY

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